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I’m back baby!

December 12, 2008

Wow. So a lot has happened in the last couple of months. I won’t bore you with those details, but here are the parts relevant to this blog: my E90 developed awful microphone hiss a whole year after starting to use it. If you will recall, this problem was one of the annoyances plaguing the initial batch of E90’s in July 2007 – took mine an entire year to catch up. Oh well. I got it replaced while visiting Dubai this past summer (also complained about the screen markings from the keyboard, which mine had), and the kind folks at Emirates Computers (Nokia agents) replaced it with a new BLACK one. This thing is AWESOME. The keys are flattened so they dont touch the screen when the Communicator is closed; i find them to have better tactile feedback as well. The screen has a better antiglare coating on it, less purple tint. All keys, inside and out, have better tactile feedback. The colour is shiny metallic black. It came with a wiping cloth because the thing is fingerprint magnet 😛 Then I received an E71 from a friend who deals in mobile phones a couple weeks ago. I wanted to try it out, and was having a great time with it, until it got stolen while I was staying at a hotel for a conference. So now its back to the black E90.

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  1. M.K.Harsh permalink
    December 28, 2008 12:37 am

    I bought E90 use it but one morning I found that I can listen the other end voice but cannot communicate my voice. Visited three stores but got reply go to that shop and other says go that shop. Very poor Service. Authorised stores are sending customer to private repairer, why? Further, Nokia is having all around brant what does it make difference when did you purchase and from where if the person want to pay the charges for its repair. A person who got the gift will not get the bill and place from where it has been purchased.

  2. January 7, 2009 6:10 pm

    hey rezanator! I’m back to a BLACK E90 too! It is awesome! Glad I switched back. Nothing beats this King really. =p

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