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Theme Tuesday!

November 20, 2007

In the tradition of Ed, that most excellent author of the E-Series blog and who hosts Free Theme Fridays, I bring you Theme Tuesday!It’s hard enough finding a good SVG theme that looks decent on the E90’s internal widescreen. So I’m going to try to present at least one nice theme a week for the E90- most importantly something that doesn’t go to all hell on the internal screen.To kick things off, I have here a couple of themes The first one is Teal, made by Jack18: screenshot0002.jpg screenshot0003.jpg A very nice dark texture. The icon variation is sweet too. I personally don’t like themes with very busy backgrounds, and this one has a colour that contrasts very nicely with both the mocha and red E90s. I’m thinking the red E90 will end up looking like a Christmas edition of the phone =)And here is Inverted FP2, made by Taieb:screenshot0010.jpg screenshot0011.jpgExcellent shade of hazelnut brown, looks super smooth on the mocha E90. Thanks to Zach of Symbian in Motion for hosting them, and Stefan  of IntoMobile for bring Zach’s blog to my attention. You can find these themes, and a lot more, here.  

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